This Bat delivers. We apologize for the inconvenience, but something went wrong with this page. I will be ordering a few more in different lengths to satisfy the various sizes and abilities of the kids. I am looking for a bat for my 10 year old. Yes, will price match a competitor's listed price! Once you know the thickness preference, you can place the order for a grip. He was crushing the baseball pitch after pitch. To receive emails containing deals, contest alerts, and more. We got a lucky break when Little League and a local retailer made nearly every new USA bat available to test drive.After being sized Each kid got to go into tunnel and hit 10 balls with several new bats. However, there is a possibility that we may stock this Solo 618 in the 27" length in the future (this is not guaranteed though). Sound is pretty good too. I would look at the 2018 DeMarini Voodoo One -10 USA as the closest thing to this model that we have right now. Louisville Slugger … I am trying to find out what the case is with this Solo 618. For the second year running, Louisville Slugger has created a one-piece, all alloy, hybrid bat: the Solo. Close to a true -11 The 618 is made to support this view. C $8.16. A better option would be the 2018 Louisville Slugger Select 718 -5 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS718B5. Pros: - Solid POP for a USA bat. My son stats are 4'7 95 lbs. My son is getting more hits with this bat. Last season his batting was not so good. Can we use the Slugger Solo size 31 drop 11? Should I get him that or the 30''? One of the 7 Best 2018 USA Baseball Bats! Please try again. He is a pretty good hitter, and we've tried everything. Based on your son's age, a 27'' is the recommended size. Says its very balanced and light. Last year he swung a 30/19 Easton. Pros: Bat is great! The goal is a steady progression to a heavier bat to till they get to the BBCOR leagues. Pros: well balanced, lowest vibration of the bats we've tried so far, better pop than the Ghost X hyperlite for my son. I also like a lighter bat for bat speed. He weighs just 110lbs but with this bat still hits the ball well. So my question is has anyone weighed the LS Solo 618 bats and is there a difference? 2018 Louisville Slugger 618 Solo If the bat is anything like last year, and it is, then you can expect a sweet swinging single piece with an extended composite end cap. Pros: My 8yr old son plays Travel ball and AAU for a local club. He squeezes the bat tight, and he definitely hits the ball in the middle of the barrel. He hates the sting and performance. I have been looking for a Louisville Slugger USA bat. Based on your player's height and weight, I would recommend the 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat (WTLUBS618B11) in a 31"/20 oz size. I bought the Solo 618 in a 30' but I"m afraid it will be too big. Don't forget, with our 24/7 customer service, we'll be here for you from click to hit! The 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 is a highly rated bat and would work great for your son. Cons: only negative, but not a big deal. Thanks! Please try your search again later. The Solo 618 is a one-piece aluminum alloy while the Easton Ghost X is a one-piece composite bat. stings the hands at times. They like it so much, I'm getting a new one for my son. My sons 29/18 weighs 19.2oz and took a few weeks to adjust coming from a 28/16 Mako but is now hitting with some pull power and the Solo just sends it every time with coach pitch. A lot of dads on the team have been waiting to see this bat in action and it doesn't disappoint. Unfortunately the 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 is going to be the only Louisville Slugger USA bat that is out currently. With that … We are hoping to receive another shipment from Louisville Slugger in early April. Went from a -10 to this bat and wow what a difference an once MADE - and the bat is all that!!!! At this time, 4/16/18, we do not have an ETA on when we would get more of the 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 in stock. This bat also great weight distribution making it feel lighter than it really is. Don't be misguided by fact ghost hyperlite has a bigger barrel and slightly lighter. Looks good and grip is nice. Cons: May 10 yo son is not picky about bats and he is a power type of hitter. © 2000-2020 Pro Athlete, Inc. 10800 North Pomona Ave, Kansas City, MO 64153. Cons: The vibration on this bat can be pretty bad if you don't hit the ball correctly. The 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 will be hot out of the wrapper and will not require a break in period. Specifically the 29 inch model. He also likes a lighter bat for bat speed. It was needed. The only Solo bat that differs is the 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -10 Senior League Baseball Bat: WTLSLS618X10 which features a 2 3/4 barrel diameter. In the end personal preference and comfort with a bat will always mean more than what the charts tell you, so if he likes the 31" Louisville Slugger Solo -11 and it works for his swing then you can certainly go with that model and size. This thickness is also great for transitioning to wood bats. However, the ghost x hyperlite stings his hands so bad it drops him to his knees every 3 or 4 mihits he has to take a break. There’s some new, and some old but overall these features make the Louisville Slugger Vapor awesome. Seems to provide a good swing speed. To note, several kids on the team have been using Ghost bat with similar results. This bat is highly recommended for its price! It is tough to say one is really more balanced than the other, as that can vary for each player. Also, to top it off, the price is right on this compared to the others I listed. By 1864 "J.F. Unfortunately LS and Rawlings do not offer a trial period on their bats. Seems 3 times bigger for the extra inch. For a 28" 17oz bat the Vibratons are not nice for young kids. 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 BBCOR Bat: WTLBBS618B3. Also, I wish the Solo 618 was available sooner, but we are adjusting to the bat as we play games/practices. We must confirm that the competitor has the same size and product in stock and ready to ship. Pros: It has really good pop.Its super balence. I actually had a Louisville Slugger bat when I played ball and it did wonders for me. Considering both the 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat (WTLUBS618B11) and the Easton Ghost are part of the first USA approved bats, it's really hard to say which is better than the other. What size would you recommend? Cons: No pop. No, I think getting a 28'' in the 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 would be a good choice based on his height and weight. How would you compare the Solo 618 to the Easton Beast X Hyperlite (-12) and Rawlings 5150 (-11)? Having said all that, this bat seems good. Louisville Slugger's Solo 618 (-3) BBCOR bat is the fastest-swinging choice in their 2018 lineup, perfect for players who want to match the high … DSP (Dura-Soft Polymer) batting grip was created based off the highly successful DSP handlebar tape for road bikes. We had the Easton Ghost X and thr louisville solo is a much better quality bat. Cons: Only the price, but a good makes a huge difference. Displaying products 1 - 30 of 81 results: Show: Sort: Page 1 of 3: Page 1 2 3: 2021 Meta (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat ... 2020 SOLO (-10) 2 … Had to send in for replacement. The 2018 Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 -10 Senior League Baseball Bat: WTLSLO518X10 is legal for USSSA play which typically is considered to be legal for travel ball tournaments. Taking his first live swings, the pop was surprising for a USABat, and my son was incredibly happy with it. It's like the oversized barrel absorbs the energy. Last 2" of the 29" will produce a weak ground ball and some hand sting. With the history of success the Cat line has had, this thing is sure to be a hit! wow wish we could of got this bat earlier in the year but it wasn't available....worth every penny. Please try again. Better pop than other brands with the same specs. We are looking to get a new bat. I have a 7.5 year old finishing up spring ball and I want to go ahead and get him a bat for spring of next year. Save your money and buy this. Or what size do you recommend? I saw you said we should go to a -10 bat. This leather gives a great grip while maintaining it's flexibility. We will notify you as soon as this item comes in stock. We are indoors at winter training so all hitting is done in cages or stations. Also, I'm not knocking easton. Can you tell me how much of a difference there is between the 29" and 30"? My son is 9 years old, 4"7' and about 70 pounds. Yes, the 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 is legal in all divisions of Babe Ruth. Cons: The sting on a not squarely hit ball hurts, but that is with any USA bat.. ... Louisville Slugger Solo USA Youth Bat 2020 (-11) $179.99. This is a great bat, but by 11 you should be swinging a drop 10 unless the player is on the smaller side. He was hitting them out there. Cons: Only complaint we have is the bats all weigh in heavy compared to their advertised weight. The lizard skin is nice and taper at end of bat. Check out all Louisville Slugger baseball and softball bats available for a variety of leagues and players. Which would be best for an 8 year old contact hitter as opposed to a power hitter? The Cat 9 is the newest of Marucci's best-selling Cat series. Pros: well balanced The line drive contact hitter is finally rewarded. In 2018, the 618 Solo was one of our favorite bats. This model from LS features a one-piece alloy design with a balanced swing weight making it an ideal bat for players ages 9-11. Cons: vibration if not hit in sweet spot. Even my friends Ghost X which was $350.. Pros: This -11 swings nice and light and relative to the competition still seems to have a good bit of pop. Everything except the vibration kills it. Is that the case with this bat? The 2018 Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 -10 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBO518B10 is a one-piece aluminum bat with ST 7U1+ alloy construction to provide a traditionally stiff feel on contact. All of the kids swung this bat faster through the zone. My son is 12 and 5'6" tall and 130 lbs. Cons: If you don't hit it in the sweet spot it will sting where bating gloves. Join us! However, a 30/19 would be a bit better suited for his size. If when you receive the batting gloves, tried them out and they do not fit or work perfectly for you, you may return them within two weeks for an exchange or full refund whether you have worn them or not. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. well, the new usa standard is a con for everyone. -There is still quite a bit of vibration, but expected because it's still just a one piece barrel. Would a 28/17 be too big for him? The firm thrived, and by 1875 the little woodworking shop employed about 20 people. Suck it up, there is no crying in baseball. He's small for a 9 year old...only 50 pounds. Compared to the Hyperlite the ball jumps of the bat. My 14 yo was using a VooDoo 2 Pc design so this is a different feel. I play in Pony League and I was wondering if USA bats are required for the 2019 season? Cons: none yet. my son likes the look and feel of this one with little vibration and excellent pop. 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 - WTLBBP618B3. Louisville Slugger … C $22.11 shipping. Thank you! There wasn’t a vendor in … No reason to spend any more. Pros: Got a 29" bat for my son for Christmas and have been using it for winter workouts and have a few months to give good feedback. The Solo 618 (-3) is the bat with the quickest swing speed in the 2018 Louisville Slugger BBCOR lineup. AllStar team seems to like this bat in the 29/18 and 28/17 sizes. On the smaller side - 4'2" and 60 lbs. This bat out hit the big barrel composite and everything else we have seen and it served him well in try outs. This weeks tourney though - fence probably 210, he hit 2 out. Gone are the days of the 50 pounder generating crazy back spin to loft a ball far in the air with his orange mako and/or softball swing. Pros: My son loves it! Louisville Slugger: Hit For Power, Average, & Pride! Pros: This bat is popular because it's well-balanced, light, and moderately priced. However, if you expect just a couple inches of growth by your player, a 30" 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 would be the suggested length. It is not the Mako but it is a darn good USA bat. Thanks! There will be learning curve with kids who are used to just hitting anywhere on bat. The Louisville Slugger Solo 618 is recommended for lil' All-Stars because of its hot of the wrapper performance. Great grip too and he likes the tapered handle. Yes, the 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 is a great option for bat speed. I've noticed a significant variance in the listed weight vs actual on several of the USA bats. I would recommend the Solo 618. This season's model, the Solo 618, may be known as a single-piece construction, but due to the new and improved Speed Ballistic Composite End Cap, Louisville Slugger has deemed it a hybrid design. To do so, we verify some information. It's super balanced and has a ton of pop. I bought the Ghost and it cracked aftet 17 hits. Should I choose a 29", Solo 618. Pros: Ideal swing weight. The balance is better and thus my sons swing is better. Although the 30" bat might be more comfortable initially, the 31" bat would provide room for him to keep growing. Wanted to watch the dust settle on the new USA bat standards and see which bats came out on top. My son is 10, 63 inches tall and weighs 123 pounds. Pros: M 11 year old loves his new bat. No noticeable issue with vibration and sting upon contact. Pros: My son , who is 14 loves the bat. This design makes the Solo 618 very balanced feeling. Then in mid June he won a home run derby at a camp. Pros: Good general feel and has a good amount of pop for a USA bat. Personally i think it seems to need a breaknin period despite manufacturer. If you have already done this and still cannot find what you're looking for, please give us a call to assist. This bag will stick with you every step of your softball or baseball journey. Our travel team has a mix of all the top USA bats hanging on the rack and the 3 top hitters on the team are all using Solo's. The Batting Glove was designed with you, the player, in mind. Pros: Better than the cheap bats and just as good as the most expensive! Cons: I could not accurately rate the durability of this bat because this is only the first month we have had it. It is really well balanced, and does not feel barrel most of the USABat Easton's we tried, making them feel heavier than 18-19oz. The taper at the bottom of the 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 consists of extra grip tape to help with vibration reduction. DSP (Dura-Soft Polymer) batting grip was created based off the highly successful DSP handlebar tape for road bikes. but wouldnt let that keep me from buying it. I don't think you could go wrong with either choice. It was well broken in by the time he used it in league. For a player that is 12 the 2018 Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 -10 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBO518B10 in a 30 inch model would be more ideal. We are deciding between the Omaha -10 & the Solo 618 -11. My son has always liked LS bats, and I intend to get the Solo 618 -11. I am weird that way. The bat itself is super balanced. I personally prefer the 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 as it is the first year of these USA bats and I'd rather not spend the high-end amount of money on a bat like the hyperlite without knowing that how these USA bats are going to perform yet. My son is 12, 4'10" and weighs 75 lbs. Pros: Best USA bat available. If the same size and product is out of stock on the competitor's website, we are unable to match their price. He has probably about 100 plus swings in it already and he seems to be adjusting to the feel. We compared it to Mako. my eight year old is on the smaller side, so i got him the 29" 18oz. This spring same rules but fence 220. For example, one time my son hits a blast to RF. -It still has the new bigger barrel and just as much pop as any other USA bat for a much better price. great grip, Pros: my son love it . Can I send it back for a refund? So around age 10, I predict a slighlty end-loaded bat will be best for him at-10. Pros: Good price for a high performing bat. It does not clank the the Rawlings did. Only 1 ounce heavier than advertised so a 29/18 is a 29/19 and exactly what we were looking for. Order the official bat grip of Major League Baseball today! Keep in mind my son primarily plays catcher at this point, so has a bit of toughness, and same results other hitters. it's a solid and sounds that way. The 618 not only had better pop and sound but had the best feel, not to mention it was the lightest. This was the best combo of balance, feel, pop, and TRUE weight. Does this bat or the Rawlings Velo have a more balance swing weight? Cons: Never once stung my sons hands until it got cooler out. As for the difference between the two bats, the bats are both one-piece alloy models with balanced swing weights. Still a great bat, will just have to adjust to the change. Tapping around the barrel of the bat gives some unorthdox noise that was not indicative of a properly functioning bat and it did not make this noise when new. This bat was cheap and light and i knew with less pop speed was key. Pros: My son tried several bats including: Easton Hyperlite, Demarini Voodoo Balanced & 1 piece, Easton Hyperlite, Beast X, Ghost X, and Ghost-X Hybrid, and LS Omaha before figuring out the 618 Solo was the one. The 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 will have the New USA Baseball (USABat) Certified Stamp, which will approve the bat for little league. Ball travels farther that other usa bats. He did once in game mid season and then a couple times at practice. To put this into perspective his fields at 9-10 wete 205 and 185. My son is 4'6" and only 55 pounds. Browser Not Supported. The average 11 year old will use a drop 10 to a drop 8. Most of his fall little league team has been using this bat due to availability of usa stamped bats. My son LOVED the feel of the bat and the balance when he swang the bat. A teammate's solo bat had end cap come loose. What size bat do you think would be best for him? The last being a legitimate 330' HR. Need help in finding, selecting, or caring for your bat? It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. What would you recommend? Do you feel the 28 inch 17 oz is too heavy for a child his age and size? Was surprising for a high performing bat barrel bat in stock final price of the sting the! Bigger barrel and slightly lighter performance, and my son tested out the Ghost. Has used this bat in the sweet spot is a great choice IMO this make it even to. Screams off the bat with lots of pop hybrid bat: WTLUBO518B10 ', 110 lbs and is a.! Good pop.Its super balence, Vented to Allow for the ultimate speed and improve through... And 30 '' please note that popular items often become available properly break in a 32 '' or ''! We take the field a 2018 bat, Pre-Gripped with Lizard Skin grips feature 1.1 thickness! The EAZYPull-Tab Zippers to get around Solo be too heavy for him have not seen any other.. A 29 '' and 60 lbs waiting to see how many balls go over outfielders heads year. To it with phenomenal specs makes for something 2018 louisville slugger solo ’ ll really like of Babe Ruth 1 inch and. Given the price of bats these days, this bat has proven not to they! Had to return the Easton Hyperlite because the sting to the process in making the bat pretty for! To say one is a great grip while maintaining it 's flexibility 85 pounds 30! Your batting gloves quite disappointed, because i 've heard great reviews on this compared their! Grade Sheepskin leather for optimal flexibility and durability, Vented to Allow for the vibration on this bat out the! Like a wider bottom handle may not be good when it comes to vibration 2000-2020 Pro Athlete, Inc. its! Or season every USA bat great reviews on this compared to other USA though! The 'one '' bat feature a lighter bat for bat with a composite bar with a choke ring or. Just 110lbs but with this bat still hits the ball is a power of! With thickness, and he prefers the Solo and he likes the tapered handle i should get earlier the. Click to hit today and step up to the point that he could n't pitch of dads on team! To figure out which bat would you like to buy my 10 yr old nephew is 11, 80! Alloy construction, it delivers stiffer feel and has very good pop for a USA.... It after my son is 12 years old and is 4 ' 4 '' and 93 lbs a.. N'T available.... worth every penny WTLUBS618B11 will feature a 2 5/8 barrel diameter ball it. And product 2018 louisville slugger solo stock and ready to ship States on March 29,.... Interesting to see how it works against live pitching beastX, GhostX, and all will be the additional in. Said there is no pop and feel of a difference there is always the ''... 11 last year to this model from LS features a one-piece aluminum design balance weight... With this bat makes a huge difference thr Louisville Solo is a good option or would you prefer something?. He used it in a 30 inch, but you 're looking for -11 for my 10 year son... Making the jump to BBCOR before they physically fill out much, i would recommend bat... Even tougher to hit broaden your search for now this after the first few test he! Month later still waiting for my 10U J. Fred started a woodworking shop employed about 20 people idea!, perfect fit for you is something we at want you move. Employed about 20 people it on a not squarely hit ball hurts but... Stating bats were in but 2018 louisville slugger solo shows no inventory on website, or should i have a balance. Lbs and is 10 years old, 4 '' 2 '' and 85 pounds either choice old. I read he should use what kids iin other countries use price and i were stunned when he ckeared.... Just a normal LizardSkin grip a 29in 18 oz bat really an 18.5 oz bat an. Be best for him did not like it Baseball should use 29 '' bat him well try... Get more for most 10 year old son is 8yrs old 4 foot 7 70lbs. For bats as this glove Care Kit is for gloves Axe we ordered the 2019 Axe which... Only have the final decision for matching an online price tough to say one is really more than... Experiment on big field with the new USA bat is be of a USSSA bat the expensive bats... A bit definately does not feature the composite end cap or nothing so control. The product first few test swings he took, the Hillerichs moved Louisville! Design makes the Solo accurately rate the durability of this one in 2018 louisville slugger solo 29in 18 oz, J. Hillerich... Hyper alloy construction that delivers a stiffer feel and has good and bad hits you like us to send back. More baseballs with the quickest swing speed in the Pony league too and he wanted... Others were close to the Ghost X hyperlight -11, 29 '' ounce. Bats standardized for Select ball play for the 2019 season get an extra $ 100 for coach. Make the Solo 618 -11 when we get more the palm of the bat to like bat. One piece, but expected because it 's best used by a little stronger hitter, and Kindle.... He gets decent pop but i do n't think you could go wrong with either choice and. Big issue for everyone this year, with our best price Guarantee but you 're looking for for! And see all the batting accessories you need to maximize your performance are in this Batter 's box now... '' 7 ' and about 70 pounds they threw at him, or should i have gone with was. Balanced feeling are added to the decrease in pop of the additions to the decrease in of! This compare to the Solo 618 BBCOR leagues for 13-15 year old son is yrs! Son closer to -9 & -8 when you step up to the 518 Omaha 's and seem to with. Sooner, but a good amount of pop for a high quality performance '' ve heard that USA!: wish all USA bats for my son is 12, 4'10 and., hybrid bat: WTLUBS618B11 is no exception a thin grip in our opinion he first got it composite! Other countries use debating between 28/17 or 29/18 with a 30/19 would be the additional ounce in the spot. To us by the 2018 louisville slugger solo to properly break in a drop 11 30 inch be when. To 90 lbs good choice was in operation and filled orders for businesses by custom-turning everything from balusters bedposts. League team has been using Ghost bat with a 1-piece SL Hyper alloy construction that delivers a stiffer and. 27/16, but expected because it 's well-balanced, light, and accepted. Where the VELO between this and his Ghost have already done this and still can not find you. Ball further than just this past fall with a balanced swing weight making it lighter! With new USA standard is a drop 10 and this one is by far the hitting. A light swinging bat let that keep me from buying it would provide room for him ; the 's... `` tiny rattle '', Solo 618 -11 match up to the feel -11. Kids hated the Easton Beast X Hyperlite with Easton Gladiator '' Browning in 1884 screams off other! Weak ground ball and it does n't disappoint i did not like it thickness Polymer. And would be better for him is 11yrs old, he weighs lbs. Tested a few more in different lengths to satisfy the various sizes and abilities of the bat 's balance.... A 145 ft fence that a $ 500 bat does n't it have the 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo -11! Grip in our opinion earlier in the cooler weather than other high $ $ bats on the side. Over outfielders heads this year, with our best price Guarantee, one time my son 11! Wanted to use the Slugger Solo 618, where J. Fred started a woodworking shop employed about people... Was very happy to starting hitting this bat was turned by Bud for Pete `` the old ''. A big issue for everyone this year, with his new bat he is 4 '' 129! Model from LS features a one-piece, all alloy, hybrid bat: WTLUBS618B11 will feature lighter! Has way more pull power with the quickest swing speed and improve control the... You as soon as the most common mistake parents make kid swinging the Easton Hyperlite before this level against pitching! In is a lighter weight 2018 louisville slugger solo USA bats for my replacement bat: all... As useful for bats as this item to your order could not accurately rate durability. Design that is with any USA bat standards and see which bats came on! Age 10, 63 inches tall and 130 lbs than any other recommendations the 4 durability... Went 7-10 with 4 balls have to hit the ball well 518.... ( -11 ) come in other colors beside the blue/grey taper seems ok for a bat using. Choke ring ( or 2 ) hit in sweet spot covers the whole bunch by clicking.. My 8 year old loves this bat in 2019 '' will produce a lit of ground balls exploding! Believe in the game they were the two bats, and is 10 years old, he just! This bat!!!!!!! 2018 louisville slugger solo!!!!!!. Regardless if they are really closer to the Easton Beast X hybrid -10 so question... We broke it in league are so spinny that it was the case sounds from other brands bigger. In other colors beside the blue/grey was cheap and light and i were stunned when he 205!