Have All Pokeballs 085938bb 99ff313d 2dafd739 5d796510. Pokemon #5: Max Stats 02A728FBA020 70BBB5F1DC40. Thread Status: Not open for further replies. Pokemon Emerald Cheat Codes. ... Battle: R = More EXP 43d8ac45 0d3b349a 3dc869e3 d39c09b2 Have All Pokeballs 085938bb 99ff313d 2dafd739 5d796510 Have All TMs/HMs c6511ec5 0f15c8e0 4689920d 5cff6ffe 8631b929 014933df How do you use the openemu emerald gameshark codes to be able to catch any pokemon? Cheats & Hints. Infinite PP ED59169FCEB6 79BA7465DC00. GameShark Pokémon Emerald Ganhar infinita esperiencia: 82000060 270F 82022d48 270F 82022f7c 270F 8202309c 270F ... só tomem cuidado pra não subir muito e seu pokemon não evoluir na hora certa. Answered: Where can I find old rod? Although, the codes did work for items and other things. Answered: Where do you get the Exp share in Pokemon Emerald? Pokemon Emerald Version - Gameshark Codes List ... 0B4 - White Herb 0B5 - Macho Brace 0B6 - Exp Share 0B7 - Quick Claw 0B8 - Soothe Bell 0B9 - Mental Herb 0BA - Choice Band 0BB - … Pokemon … Here are some pokemon emerald gameshark cheats (very useful) And remember you can always search for cheats in the search bar at the top of this site Cheat game shark Pokemon emerald [M] Must Be On 9266FA6C97BD 905B5ED35F81 B76A68E5FAB1 Skip Intro B05557898BBD F95340E4DFFD B02FC0E07138 8027CBC08B39 I have a My Boy emulator for gba on my android phone on ehich I have b.. Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by AshisaDude548, May 25, 2005. 3 de março de 2010 12:47 daniel disse ... Todos os cheats pegam , só saber usar . Saves & Codes; Store. I also have no idea what it means by the slot 1 and slot 2 thing. Help! share and Evs? ... Battle: R = More EXP 43d8ac45 0d3b349a 3dc869e3 d39c09b2 Have All Pokeballs 085938bb 99ff313d 2dafd739 5d796510 Have All TMs/HMs c6511ec5 0f15c8e0 … Pikachu will appear in the PC in Box 1 Slot 1 so have it cleared out. XD. Does anyone know codes for the following cheats:1. Answered: I need to find dig can anyone help? Answered I've been using the codes given on the IGN forum board, but it doesn't seem to work. Alguns só pegam com máster code pra quem não sabe . Answered: Exp. Pokemon #1: Max Stats 02DF7FD900A0 70BBB5F1DC40. Welcome to our collection of Pokemon Emerald, cheats, cheat codes, wallpapers and more for GBA . Don't worry about that, you can use Pokemon Emerald Action Replay Codes and win your Hundred of Pokemon Emerald Action Replay Codes are here (working) and how to use them on Visual Boy Advance or Nintendo GBA. Pokemon #2: Max Stats 6BB9F5BD1A61 70BBB5F1DC40. Shiny Surfing Pikachu: These codes will work for ARv3. You like to play Pokemon Emerald but if you aren't a true Pokemon Master Trainer, your Pokemon can get clobbered. Cheat Codes for Pokemon Emerald. Pokemon #3: Max Stats 825D1E9B8AA7 70BBB5F1DC40. Gain 5000 Exp (Note 2) A744170AA996 9B540825258E. Cheat Codes for Pokemon Emerald Game Boy Advance & SP. The … The goal of this ROM hack is to make the ultimate enhanced vanilla Emerald Current Version: 7.38 How to patch IPS files/Play the game Game ... Battle: R = More EXP 43d8ac45 0d3b349a 3dc869e3 d39c09b2. Confuse EXp. Pokemon #4: Max Stats EB5B96DF90E6 70BBB5F1DC40. Welcome to Pokemon Emerald Final, this started out as something for personal use, but I continue to improve it. Where is the exp share for Pokemon emerald plz. Share equal experence cheat code?