Your dog could have taken a tumble climbing up or down – they might be avoiding the stairs, not the room. for a few months he would only go down the steps with me there. A few of the more common causes of falling down in dogs include: Vestibular Syndrome. I am traumatized. Another factor to consider is that some dogs are scared of stairs. But she has been gradually sleeping more and more. Hello, I have a 3 year old chihuahua and he has always been fine with stairs. Work with her slowly with treats after putting the mats down to show her it's safer now. This is a fairly common fear or phobia, especially in young dogs who may not have encountered them while they were puppies.Fortunately, you can help your dog get over this fear and go up and down the stairs … I would have to know more about how he is reacting. If its a case of the dog being too scared to go down the stairs then put a chocolate (dog one) drop on each stop, it worked with my bullmastiff and she was soon running up and down them without any fear ... 1 decade ago. If your dog has always been confident going up the stairs and now is suddenly reluctant, consider the chances for a health issue. I came back home he ran down the stairs and tripped on about the 5th step down, he was screaming, iv never heard him thay loud for atleast 2 minutes. Either way, though, it can be difficult for both the owners as well as the dog. today she could still go for a walk and move up and down the stairs.however, she yelps whenever I her chest, she will yelp. (for his legs, back and incase he ever fell, wich he … Last year we moved house and the stairs are VERY steep! It comes from the Greek for step – ‘bathmos’ - and fear – ‘phobia’. Injury, stroke, poisoning, and infections can all cause your dog to lose its balance. Suzanne Somers Reveals How She & Her Husband Fell Down The Stairs Together Suzanne Somers is opening up about just how she fell down the stairs in an accident along with her husband, Alan Hamel. ... and a book fell onto them. Its gone alittle swalloen and when i touch it he screams. He is fine but I am not. It definitely sounds like she fell down the stairs when you weren't home and is now scared to do so. When he was little he attempted to jump off my bed and hurt his right paw. Last year my (now) 9-year-old dog (Lab/golden mix) became afraid to descend stairs. First, Add Non-Slip Rugs. Please try again later. Is your dog afraid of the stairs? First, … While all dogs have different personalities, it’s not uncommon for many pups to be playful, social, and curious. I don't like the falling up the steps and now being out of breath part. Dog Won’t go Down Stairs Anymore . 0 Replies . has he gone down by himself? He started yelping for a minute but nothing is visibly wrong. Our dog went down them, slipped, and tumbled down. Dog Loss of Balance: Common Causes and Treatments. I keep replaying it in my mind and crying. How old is the dog? It obviously terrified her, but now the steps are much less slippery yet she refused to even try going down. We didn't take him to a vet because we knew he could bend it and everything, so after a while it was fine and completely healed, until today. Dogs that are scared of stairs. But, now he is too scared to come down on his own, unless we carry him down. He doesn't seem to be in any pain except he doesn't put any weight on the leg. Perhaps your dog fell down the stairs or something, and just developed a fear of them. A Dog Trainer’s Tips for Dogs Scared of Stairs. do u live in a very old house? It takes balance and coordination to maneuver four legs within small spaces that suddenly incline or decline, and coordination has to be learned. Leg issues — He had TPLO surgery on his right rear knee 3 years earlier, but at our most recent vet appointment we were told there was nothing acting up with Tenor’s legs. Some dogs are afraid of going up and down stairs. My 4 month old puppy was going down the stairs and he tripped down two steps. He was playing at the dog park and never cried or winced or anything but when we left he was limping and has not stopped since. She stands at the top and woofs until you stand at or near the bottom and reach up to her, then she will come down unassisted but tentatively as you "glilde" her down with a sweep of your arm (OK, maybe I just do the glide because it's fun). How big is he? He had no problem to start with but after a few weeks of living there, he stopped going down them. She has been going out and eating and drinking as usual. She loves to eat and drinks well. My 2 year old fell down the stairs today at a birthday party right in front of my eyes. My senior dog fell down the stairs a few days ago. Put carpet treads on the stairs, make sure nails are trimmed regularly. I didn't mind as I was always cautious of him going down anyway so I began to carry him down to be safe. Now he is limping its been 24 hours and hes not putting weight on it. If your dog … Read more A Dog Trainer’s Tips for Dogs Scared of Stairs. Because these things can be dangerous or even life threatening, call your vet immediately if your dog is falling down. A small senior dog having problems going up the stairs is much more easily manageable than a large dog. Last month, my son accidentally waxed the wood stairs when we asked him to clean them. I had an akita with stair issues. The fear of going up and down stairs can affect puppies, rescues, adults, and senior dogs, and it poses specific challenges for both the dog and their owner. Technically, this is called ‘bathmophobia’. Dogs that have extra-long backs, such as Dachshunds, Corgis and Bassett Hounds, should also avoid taking the stairs. If your dog continues to refuse using the stairs or if your dog was happy, but is now afraid, have him examined by a veterinarian. Birthday is on August 23rd 2009. Putting treats on the stairs, trying to push/pull her down, walking down with her, ect. Not swollen, doesn’t appear to be in pain, can straighten and bend it but lays down all day and won’t walk on it. ... My 4 year old Shitzu fell down the stairs and now will not go up. We have tried EVERYTHING. She cannot walk down the stairs, but can still walk up them. Below are dog training tips to help a dog scared of stairs. Think similar to the texture of a yoga mat. I'd advice against it though. what should I do? she isn't limping and (other than looking kinda scared and being clingy to me) she seems normal. I got Ginger, a beagle mix, in 2003. he wouldnt round the corner to angle himself to go down the stairs, and would opt for slipping around the corner and scaring the shit out himself then barreling down them strait into the wall. My dog won’t put his leg down for a day now. If your dog is scared of other people, you could have several different problems on your hands. My about 21/2 - 3 year old yorkshire terrier fell down the steps. My dog fell down the stairs last night. This is the ridiculous moment a bonkers bull terrier excitedly launches himself down a flight of stairs in an effort to impress his owner. Animals can sense spirits. This feature is not available right now. She seemed fine yesterday, wasn't limping and she could go for a walk after that and move up and down the stairs normally, just slower. my shutzu fell down the stairs, at first she was yelping and wouldn't let me pick her up, but then I put her in my room. He didn’t fall down the stairs, didn’t get scared one time on the stairs, and didn’t have any other strange occurrences on the steps that we were aware of. We have tried treats and all kinds of encouragement, but she is still scared. She has a limp and we give her doggy ibuprofen. My little dog fell down the stairs? He doesn't put any pressure on it right now. She is deaf and blind (which is why she fell - I left the door open stupidly), but seemed fine. How longstanding is the habit of fearing steps? Can you carry him up or down? Please follow us on Facebook . At some point in a dog's life, they will have to contend with going up and down the stairs, whether at home or out and … Regardless of the dog’s age or size, there’s always a reason for the trembling, crying, and backing up that happens when faced with a threatening staircase. Joint pain is often a cause for stiffness especially in older dogs, but any form of pain affecting the elbows, shoulders, back and hips can cause a dog to become reluctant going up or down a flight of stairs. 'nother dog question. He could have fractured a rib or punctured a lung or something. You could consider putting non slip pads on the stairs, that you don't need to glue down or anything. 7 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Acting Scared All of a Sudden One of the worst things for any dog owner is to see their pet cowering in fear without having any clue what’s going on. Most dogs and puppies dislike walking up or down stairs because they’re slippery. Jules Clark / Getty Images . I'm certain you cuould. Hi, About 2 weeks ago now my son was staying with his Nan (mil) while i was in work, when i came back she told me he had fallen ... Read more on Netmums He may be uncomfortable bcuz of that? I felt his entire leg with no yelping from him. She was believed to be 1 or 2 then, so she is now 17 or 18 years old. Why is My Dog Scared of People? Toddler Fell Down the Stairs:(: Hi mamas, I really need support. A few years ago, my sister was carrying him down the stairs and she fell with him in her arms. April 12, ... especially when it comes to small-breed puppies who were never introduced to stairs before. … He was perfectly fine after that accident, and was not scared at all to go down the stairs. there could be a couple reasons. People with this injury can have pain, numbness, tingling, burning, crushing headaches, reduced motor function, unusual clumsiness, and more. I woke her in the morning yesterday, but she didn't want to get up. I touched his joint and his front part of the leg is moving left and right he can stretch it but not bend/fold it. He went down two steps on his tummy onto a landing, lost his footing and tumbled the rest of the way down. She looks scared and isn't moving but I checked over her external body and she seems ok. Still, the effects of nerve trauma can be devastating. Unfortunately, dogs can’t tell you what had made them so scared, until someone invents that dog-to-human translator. does he bark at stairs? Nerve damage from a sudden trauma like falling down the stairs can be much subtler to diagnose than a broken bone. My little yorkie, 3 years old.