Electronics involve electrical circuits composed of active electrical components including vacuum tubes, transistors, diodes and integrated circuits, related passive electrical components and interconnection technologies. You can make and receive calls and texts and even pay with your Samsung Pay account. Wearable tech is practical. There are leader boards for different fitness levels that you can join and try to top. You place it where it can monitor your breathing – in the top of your pants or in your bra, for instance – and it detects when your breathing is strained or relaxed. You can wear a heart rate monitor to make sure you’re heart stays within your ideal range, or a fitness tracker to remind you to get moving after too long of remaining sedentary. You can pick this piece of tech up for under $20! It comes attached to a carabiner; all you have to do is pull firmly and the alarm sounds. This activity tracker still tracks your calories burnt and your steps while monitoring your sleep and giving you not-so-subtle reminders to get moving. Attaching similar technology to your children will allow you to keep tabs on them no matter where they go and the peace of mind you get from that is invaluable. Medical Technology is a crucial and most important variety of technology. Some examples of assistive technologies are: Mobility aids, such as wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, canes, crutches 1, prosthetic devices, and orthotic devices. The teacher can monitor what students are doing on their personal computer from a central point. Technology advances every day. 20 Types Of Technology. Bellabeat Leaf Urban Smart Jewelry Health Tracker. Some students learn faster through visual graphics, while others learn faster through audios and podcasts. You can wear this fashionable piece of tech as a bracelet, a pin, or use it as a pendant to track your sleep, your steps, calories burned, or even your menstrual cycle. Once connected, it will provide you with real-time readings of an EEG based neuro-feedback and play meditation music accordingly. Sip-and-puff systems are a type of switch device, which refers to the technology used to replace a computer keyboard or mouse. If you ever need to travel through a dangerous part of town or if you just don’t feel right about your surroundings, this little guy could really come through for you. When you’re thinking who could want a wearable tech device, the answer is absolutely going to be everyone. Calling all Moms, Dads, and baby caregivers everywhere! As per Collins Dictionary the word “Technology” refers to “methods, systems and devices … That means if you don’t want your teen to have a cell phone to get into trouble with, but would still like to have a way for him to reach you if he needs, this can be your solution. These devices … The app for this camera has wonderful reviews and is very user-friendly, as is the interface on the camera itself. Later, they can have discussions in class based on the videos. Teachers can teach students to use these classroom technologies during the learning sessions. It’s water resistant up to 165 feet and it’s made as a military standard-compliant tool. Technology. You don’t even need a separate cell phone to use this watch to optimal capabilities. For safety, you can use a GPS tracking device to pop on your kids or an alarm that will, once pressed, alert your set contacts that you’re in trouble, along with your location. To make our point clear let us take some of the examples of medical technology assisting the people in their routine lives.